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Fishing the Mid-Columbia Arnold J. Theisen

Fishing the Mid-Columbia

Arnold J. Theisen

Published March 28th 2004
ISBN : 9781571883131
71 pages
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 About the Book 

The Columbia River is rich with fishing opportunity for an incredible variety of game fish on a year-round basis to professionals and amateurs alike. Fishing the Mid-Columbia covers the 39 miles between McNary Dam and Three Mile Canyon. This stretch of the Columbia could very well yield the next world-record walleye, and even if it doesnt, it still yields some of the biggest walleye in the country and does so every year. There are white sturgeon nearly as big as many of the boats used in their pursuit. Salmon and steelhead runs have seen phenomenal recovery in recent years. And, as if that werent enough, the Columbias waters are teeming with smallmouth bass that would be the envy of most fisheries anywhere in the country.In Fishing the Mid-Columbia, Arnold Theisen tells you everything you need to know for a successful trip: river characteristics- how to navigate the river in this area- what species youll encounter- the most productive tackle and equipment- local facilities- river fishing charts- and so much more. For the avid angler, it just doesnt get much better than this.