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Betty Crockers Picture Cook Book Betty Crocker

Betty Crockers Picture Cook Book

Betty Crocker

463 pages
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 About the Book 

Ive been trying to make gluten free cakes and have had little success until recently when we came across these really old recipes online that seemed to work well with rice flour. The recipes were from the old Betty Crockers 1950 edition cookbook before they changed all of the recipes to make them healthy. I would suggest to anyone that likes to really cook to get this reproduction of the 1950 edition of the Betty Crockers cookbook. Have you ever wondered why the current recipes in the newest edition dont taste anywhere near as good as the ones in the boxes at the store? It is likely a marketing ploy. Betty Crocker and other companies likely make more money off people buying their boxed cakes than off their recipe books. I would suggest going back to making the original cakes and recipes they taste like cake. Also if you like cooking from scratch instead of from canned food and are tired of using the microwave, then this cookbook is for you.