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Rope Burns Robert    Scott

Rope Burns

Robert Scott

Published June 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780786022243
352 pages
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 About the Book 

I dont know why I read stuff like this. Reading about these sickos and pervs can make the most free-loving flower child buy a revolver and watch a Death Wish marathon. You cant make this stuff up. Actually I read this before, but re-read it to review. Not because it is a feel-good book. It is not.Robert Scotts narrative of James DaVeggios and Michelle Michauds perv-a-palooza begins on a cringeworthy note as he details a brutal crime in their rapemobile, down to what gets stuck where and the verbal abuse involved. Its too bad he started the book like this. I felt that the violence was sensationalized and I felt a little dirty reading it. I can imagine some weirdo getting a thrill from this chapter. Fortunately, as he follows the various investigations on these two maggots though several jurisdictions, the narrative emphasizes the legal and forensic efforts of the cops and DAs that eventually prosecuted the two and ends with suitably touching tributes to the one known murder victim, Vanessa Samson, and the other probable, but unconfirmed, victims of the two, like Jaycee Lee Dugard.Scotts writing can be cheesy at times and wouldnt look out of place in a true crime detective magazine of the 50s, but its rarely boring. Sometimes he goes off on tangents that are tenuously related to the main subject (eg., Michael Idhe), but thats okay. Real crimes are not always clear cut (usually not) so you sort of have to bear with all the paths cases might take. Overall his narrative is serviceable and makes for a fairly engrossing read. Particularly notable is the role DNA evidence played in prosecuting these cases, the degree of which was, as I understand, rather new at the time.