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Zippy the TV Chimp Carole Womack

Zippy the TV Chimp

Carole Womack

Published December 12th 2007
ISBN : 9781425972950
136 pages
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 About the Book 

Zippy the TV Chimp tells the little-known story about a very well-known personality. Zippy got his name from the way he zipped about while wearing his skates. He was given his little boy style and status because of his intelligence, understanding and ability to do so many things the same way (or nearly so) humans do them. He made his way to live television and performed professionally with no second takes. Zippy was a dependable regular on the variety shows of Jackie Gleason, Ed Sullivan, Gary Moore and Howdy Doody, and appeared with hundreds of other TV personalities. Zip became a recognizable character with Star status. He was featured in magazines and newspapers, but he was often seen dining in some of the best restaurants, using impeccable manners. He was known by millions. Zippy was loved by children and adults, thousands of whom grew up loving their Zippy doll and feeling the nostalgia of a time of innocence. This book allows the reader to become a kid again and read the little-known (and some, until now, unknown) tales of Zippys exploits. Complete with pictures to reinforce the memories, Zippy the TV Chimp is a biography of one of the most popular animal stars ever. The story is told by one who held Zippys hand and trained him to be the star he was... Carole, Zippys Mom.